Work for Loyal Employers. Life is too short for anything else

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One company I worked for, you could always agree to work overtime, (without pay) but the day you said you had a personal commitment and could not remain. You were treated with suspicion and made to feel guilty. It’s like all you could give was never enough. Any employer that does not value work-life balance is not worth working for. You do owe your employer your best work every day, but you don’t owe your employer your:

  1. Personal life
  2. Health
  3. Values

In my work, I can’t tell you the countless times I have heard some employees say, their job is their life. What happens then if you lose your job or when you retire? Your job is not your life. It is a means to live your life. Never let a job define your self-worth or happiness. In order to truly be successful, boundaries must be set in our lives!

Many bosses see employees as tools rather than human beings. Their goal is to squeeze every ounce of productivity out of them. Working in an environment where you are merely tolerated will only hold you back. Instead try to work for loyal employers who appreciate your talents and will give you opportunities to grow and develop.

Many organizations profess they treat employees like family:

 To treat employees like family you must Support, Trust, Respect, Appreciate and Care about them.

*If you SUPPORT employees, you will foster a healthy environment and provide the tools where they can perform at their best.

*If you TRUST employees, you will not micromanage them.

*If you RESPECT employees, you will not encroach on their personal time by asking them to work late or contacting them after hours.

*If you APPRECIATE employees, you will value their contributions.

*If you CARE about employees, you will take an interest in their personal development.

If a company is not loyal to their employees. Why should they remain loyal to them? Loyalty is a two-way street. If you keep throwing employees under the bus at the very first hint of trouble, you will never have their loyalty. Employees know when they are on shaky ground.

Finding a genuinely good company isn’t always easy. But there are many companies that are constantly named on the best places to work who take care of their employees. They invest in their people. If you dread Mondays, and your only look forward to Fridays, that is merely existing. If you have to leave home at 5am and come back at 11pm every single day, working weekends as well – that is not working but drowning. If your job is keeping you so busy, it hardly allows you to spend time with your family, then you have a problem. If your health is consistently threatened due to stress at work, maybe it’s time for a brand new start.

I had a close friend who worked non-stop. He was always “plugged in” and wouldn’t even take vacation. He was diagnosed with cancer, took retirement and died shortly thereafter. Sadly though, he never got to enjoy any of his retirement earnings. Our bodies are not machines. You can’t keep going 24/7. The lights won’t always be green. If you don’t slow down, eventually, you will come to a red light and have to make a complete stop. Don’t take your health for granted – no amount of success or money can replace your health.

The truth is no company will take care of you if you don’t take care of you first. We must balance our jobs with other important aspects of life. Work somewhere where your hard work and loyalty are appreciated and respected. Life is too short for anything else!

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