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Learning Management Lesson from Ramayan

Management Lessons from success story of Ramayan-Recast


Re-telecast of Ramayan has broken all the records of TRP Worldwide.

All so called Media Managers, Growth Hackers, Copy-pasters must learn that


Background Marketing : Most of viewers have watched, they were spreading Mouth to Mouth publicity from years.

Customer Voice:

During lockdown, voice of large segment was heard to telecast Ramayan from various social media platform.

Choose Niche Market:

New Generation have never seen such level of Quality of Acting. Roadies / Big boss etc have already record all level of poor stuff.

Product Quality:

Role Quality of Laxman, Ram, Meghnad were went viral and left people spell bound. Sunil Lahri (Lakshman) became most trending online.

Dialog delivery was stunning, most of viewers never heard such Meaningful sentences, be it from Ram, or Ravan or Kubhkaran or Meghnad.

Customer Enlightment :

Even Copies of Ramayan are easily and freely available, still people were waiting to see episode wise with family. This give sense of togetherness, “watching with family” trend has worked well.

Emotional Tie-up:

It has given the EMOTIONAL experience to all, many people have felt touchy their parents crying while watching it.

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